Photo Shoots

Have you ever fancied having a photo shoot done with your horse, but thought it would be too expensive, Darren Paul Photography is available to do individual photo sessions. The photo shoot price list is on the website including product prices for anything you may want to order. 

We try to keep our prices as reasonable as possible as we would prefer that you could afford a selection of images from the day rather than just one expensive one. 

We will travel to a location agreed with yourself, it could be a favourite walk or ride or we can come to an arena or event with you in order to capture you in action or we can travel to your home, field or yard in order to photograph in natural surroundings. This can either be a portrait or a natural shot - loose in the field, ridden or a portrait shot.

It is your choice what you wish to wear for the photo shoot and whether you wish to bring a change of clothes for different looks, anything goes, from jeans, to riding gear or even ball gown, one outfit or several, whatever you feel comfortable with.  Also whether to have your horse natural or plaited is entirely your choice.


Where should we do the shoot?

Your yard isn’t in the rolling hills, on the beach or next to a beautiful backdrop...

Although it would be lovely If it was! It is not the end of the world!

You would be very surprised what you can make from your yard environment... I do not scout out the environment, I will turn up and we will have a look around at what there is to offer.