Hello and Welcome

My name is Darren, I am a equine photographer and horse lover.

I am 49 and based in Manchester, I love to travel around and photograph horses - it could be a local show or a 1 - 1 session.  When I am not photographing horses I like to turn my hand to Landscape and Macro.

I am a teetotaller, yep you guessed it I am the nominated driver, just love a good hot strong cup of coffee.

Favourite colour is Green, Favourite season is Autumn, Favourite drink has to be coffee followed very closely by a diet coke.

I love all types of horses, but the heavy horse I hold a special spot for. Maybe because it's the only horse that could carry me.  I have ridden in the past, but feel more comfortable behind the camera capturing their little characteristics and mood swings.

My journey in to equestrian photography was an emotional one as it started after my sister in laws horse was tragically killed in a road accident.  Since then i have been lucky enough to have been able to photograph local horse shows and charity events.

I am a firm believer in supporting various bridleway associations as not every horse owner has the luxury of having a box or trailer to get them out and about.